Skillrater Social Performance Management PlatformAfter completing an activity, an employee requests a rating. A ratings request may be sent to a supervisor, peer, client, customer or any/all of the above. It takes just a few seconds to make an online feedback request and just a few seconds to provide the requested rating.

Skillrater feedback is provided in the form of simple one-to-five ratings on day-to-day activities and skills. Supervisors identify the skills needed to excel at specific activities, and those skills became the criteria for the numeric ratings. Thus, the feedback Skillrater generates is not “all over the charts,” but is carefully aligned to business strategy and goals.

Along with metric-based ratings, Skillrater provides a familiar social network environment in which qualitative communication can also be exchanged.

That’s Skillrater’s dual-tracked feedback: one-to-five ratings which are easy to give, receive and measure against time, alongside qualitative suggestions, praise and instructions.

Skillrater introduces several improvements to the field of social business tools.

Skillrater Performance Management & Feedback Solution

  • Positive strategic feedback: Skillrater provides much-needed strategy and structure to the world of social business tools. Social tools have huge power to help or to hurt, depending on whether they generate positive, strategy-based feedback or simply contribute to the noise of a chaotic workplace.
  • Because Skillrater is always on, it is a big improvement over the dreaded periodic performance review. Feedback is provided one activity at a time, based on pre-determined criteria tied to business strategy and goals. The result is positive meaningful feedback that encourages continuous improvement.
  • Objective metrics-based feedback: Skillrater’s numeric ratings on day-to-day tasks keep the feedback aligned to strategy and goals. Skillrater tracks an employee’s improvement over time; the numeric ratings making it easy to measure progress. Alongside the numeric rating, raters also provide qualitative advice on how to get better.
  • Easier than other feedback systems: Managers and supervisors love Skillrater because it makes it so easy to give objective feedback that is tied directly to company goals. Skillrater gathers appraisal metrics that are invaluable in making human resource decisions.
  • Workers love Skillrater because the numeric ratings are easy to understand compared to lengthy yet vague appraisals generated in traditional review processes. The ongoing nature of Skillrater gives team members never-ending opportunities to demonstrate improvement and excellence.


One of the most unique and exciting features of Skillrater is that it enables employees to request feedback. Your team members are empowered to take control of their own development and advancement. Ratings on specific activities and skills may be requested at any time from supervisors, co-workers or customers. Ambitious employees want to request ratings so their good work gets noticed.


Skillrater works as a great plug-in to complement any integrated talent management (ITM) suite. Skillrater can plug in to any ITM system, such as Oracle Talent Cloud or SuccessFactors, or can be used as a stand-alone solution.

Skillrater supports the ITM effort and complements the ITM suite’s storehouse of talent data with meaningful conversations and qualitative feedback on a social collaborative platform.

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  • Marshall Goldsmith, Bestselling Author/Renowned Executive Coach

    Skillrater is a great tool. Leaders and managers are going to fall in love with it...There is no better way for organizational leaders to track talent data. Skillrater gives you a simple way to request and receive feedback on what you are doing, while building an in-house collaborative network to discuss the feedback. The ability to customize Skillrater around the desired competencies of your organization is brilliant.