1. Is skillrater compatible with Smart Phones?

The system is compatible with Android, IPhone, and iPad browsers.

2. Is skillrater a CRM, ATS, or other kind of database management tool.

No. Skillrater is none of the above. It is a cloud based platform designed to create a more open and transparent organization that is focused on achieving accountability to real time activities connected to business goals.

3. Can I integrate skillrater with my internal systems?

Upon request, we provide web services to integrate with your system in a cost effective, high ROR model delivered by our consulting team.

4. On what user testing research is your interfaced based on?

We tested our user interface with 100s of target market users on an online User Testing platform. The design is based on years of research on various social media sites. The user will never have to leave the page to complete an action.

5. What research proves that your system works better than others?

Our system is based on several research studies that prove that transparency and openness is a critical competency of high performing organizations. In addition, research shows that using appreciation and advice posed in the future state enables the user to become more open to change.

6. How does your system compare to other 360-degree feedback and assessment tools on the market today?

There is currently no other system on the market that utilizes 360-degree feedback on a social networking platform. We have a patent-pending technology. Other systems are focused on advanced methods of reporting with 1000s of competencies. We focus on only 7 skills and a simple method of gaining the attention and respect of users through principles around positive psychology.

7. Why do you only allow for 7 skills/competencies during the rating process?

We believe in simplicity. Research in the early 60’s indicated that individuals are only able to process up to 7 numbers at a time. This was manifested in the creation of the phone number and was later outlined in Steven Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

8. What proof do you have that it will work in our workplace? What other examples do you have of its success?

Rather than focus on other longitudinal studies of the successes of skillrater, or best practice case studies, we focus on the present. The question is not where has it worked well. The question is, how will it work well in your organization system. And, the answer lies in our experience that the systems that best take onto skillrater are those that want to change the most, and have a desire to adopt the tool and our team as partners in their efforts. We embrace resistance to chance once we are inside an environment, however, if it is resisted by potential adopters, the chances of success are much lower.

9. Do you have reporting features?

Yes, all of the reporting features are available within your corporate team/group. You will be able to see each employee’s rating over time in one graph, 360-degree spider chart, and the individual rating discussions between and among individuals.

10. What if the rater wants to remain anonymous?

There are three levels of exchange for the user: 1. One-on-one, 2, Group/Team, 3. Organization, 4. Public. Organizational administrators may set privacy so that raters will be anonymous. They may also set permissions so that group members will be hidden from each other.